Your Ultimate Guide to Applying for Parenting Orders in Adelaide

Embarking on the legal journey of applying for parenting orders in Adelaide might feel like navigating uncharted waters. We understand the complexities and emotional strains involved in such a process. Fear not, as we present to you a comprehensive guide to help you sail smoothly through these intricate legal waters.

Decoding the Language: What Are Parenting Orders?

Before we delve into the seven crucial steps, let’s demystify the legal jargon. Parenting orders are the court’s way of outlining the parenting arrangements for your child. These orders cover various aspects, including;

  • living arrangements
  • time allocation with each parent
  • parental responsibilities
  • communication protocols
  • overall aspects concerning the child’s welfare

Seek Sage Advice from Our Adelaide-Based Family Lawyers

The first port of call on your legal journey is consulting with our adept family lawyers based in Adelaide. At JD Legal, we pride ourselves on not just providing legal advice but also ensuring you understand your rights, responsibilities, and the intricacies of filing for parenting orders. Our lawyers can guide you through negotiations, aiming to reach agreements outside the courtroom and minimizing stress.

Navigating the Pre-Action Procedure Waters

Before diving into the legal deep end, engaging in pre-action procedures is mandatory. This involves attending a family dispute resolution conference, a genuine effort to resolve family concerns before escalating them to court. Our team will help you navigate this process, ensuring compliance with all prerequisites.

Smooth Sailing with Agreement on Parenting Arrangements

In cases where both parties are on the same page, formalizing agreements through consent orders is the way forward. Our Adelaide family lawyers can assist you seamlessly in this process, making sure that your agreed-upon arrangements are legally binding.

Charting a Course in Disagreement Waters

When stormy disagreements necessitate court intervention, filing the initial application with the Family Court of Australia or the Federal Circuit of Australia initiates court proceedings. JD Legal will be your guiding compass through these challenging waters.

E-Filing – Sailing into the Digital Era

Australian courts encourage electronic filing (eFiling) for parenting orders. Our team will guide you through this secure and accessible process, allowing for the submission of applications, supporting documents, and online payment of filing fees.

Smooth Sailing or Weathering the Storm with Filing Fees

Filing fees can be a financial hurdle, ranging from $350 to $695. JD Legal explores options for a fee exemption and assists in applying for an exemption based on financial hardship.

After Filing – Setting Sail Towards Resolution

After filing, parties can select a court date through eFiling. For applications submitted at a registry, the court will allocate a date. JD Legal ensures the smooth exchange of filed documents between the parties.

Types of Parenting Matters Our Lawyers Navigate

Parenting matters come in various forms, and our family lawyers at JD Legal are well-versed in handling each. From changes to existing parenting orders to travel-related disputes, breaches of orders, and matters involving carers and grandparents, our expertise spans the spectrum.


Navigating the legal waters of applying for parenting orders in Adelaide may seem daunting, but with JD Legal by your side, you’re not alone. Our experienced family lawyers in Adelaide are here to guide you through these challenging times with care and understanding. Reach out to JD Legal, where legal expertise meets compassion.